Fred Charpie

Senior Attorney

C. Fred Charpie III is a Registered Patent Attorney and has nearly 20 years of experience in intellectual property law. This experience provides Mr. Charpie with an insightful perspective when counseling clients on intellectual property strategy. He is experienced in the preparation and prosecution of patent, design, trademark, and copyright applications, and also the provision of legal opinions in relation to patentability, non-infringement, patent validity, and freedom to practice. Mr. Charpie has extensive industry experience in the construction and vertical transportation industries, having represented Owens Corning in insulation and building material matters and Schindler Elevator in matters concerning elevators, escalators and moving walks. Mr. Charpie has also represented clients in matters relating to pneumatic and electro-mechanical machinery and systems, agricultural implements and medical devices. Mr.Charpie has extensive relevant industry experience in the auditory arts, having represented companies called ComHear and Dysonics, both of which were subsequently acquired by Apple. These companies were involved with cutting edge technologies including acoustic modeling, crosstalk cancellation filtering, spatial teleconferencing, center channel beaming, object based teleconferencing, suspended speaker mass and directional speaker ports. Additionally, Mr. Charpie regularly speaks to inventor and invention related groups on intellectual property law topics.